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Frequently Asked Questions

Active Auto Glass Is Long Island's #1 Choice

Q1. What kind of warranty does Active Auto Glass offer?
At Active Auto Glass we’ll settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. All of Active Auto Glass installations are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which meets or exceeds all competitors and insurance company warranties.

Please click here to download information on our warranty.


Q2. What insurance companies does Active Auto Glass work with?
Active Auto Glass works with all insurance companies. Our priority is providing our customers with the best glass available for their vehicle and top-notch service. We will work out all the details with your insurance provider to do so.

Q3. Will assist with the insurance paperwork?
Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes feel like a confusing, frustrating ordeal.  That’s why an Active Auto Glass representative will make it their priority to explain how this step-by-step process works. 

We’ll assist you through every step of the process. Active Auto Glass handles all the insurance paperwork from reporting the loss, obtaining an authorization and scheduling. Active Auto Glass is also a proud member of LYNX Services. Lynx Services provides Auto glass claims management to the insurance industry. Two of their clients are Allstate and State farm. Lynx Services Has enabled Active Auto Glass to process claims online for ease and speed. Active Auto Glass follows the strictest guidelines and accepts insurance company pricing. We will never overcharge. Guaranteed. {top}

Q4. Are your technicians certified?
We are  Registered AGRSS glass company (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards) Our highly trained, experienced technicians are fully Trained on the latest installation techniques, as well as the proper use and application of urethanes to ensure your auto glass has been installed to the highest industry standards. (AGRSS , Dow Industries).

Q5. Do I need to bring my vehicle to your location?
Whether you’re at home or at work, Active Auto Glass provides a FREE mobile repair service as long as the conditions are favorable. If the conditions are NOT favorable, Active Auto Glass has indoor facilities. We are centrally located near main roads. We have a comfortable waiting area with cable TV, magazines and children’s toys. Wait time is usually one hour to install and a one-hour cure time.

Q6. Can having a damaged windshield compromise my safety?
Your windshield is more than just a window. It actually provides structural strength to your vehicle’s body. In case of an accident, the windshield helps keep passengers inside and supports the inflation and performance of passenger side airbags. In the case of a rollover, the windshield is a structural component that reinforces the vehicle’s roof and prevents it from collapsing.

If your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s a matter of safety and it’s best if you deal with it as soon as you can. Putting it off can turn minor problems into major ones, and it can turn an inconvenient situation into a dangerous one.

Sometimes people put off dealing with their windshields because it seems like such a hassle. Coming right to your location with world-class glass, providing expert technicians for the installation or repair and knowledgeable representatives to handle every detail with the insurance company, Active Auto Glass takes all the hassle out of the equation. {top}

Q7. How long will it take to replace my windshield?
Active Auto Glass can complete most windshield installations in one hour. There are some vehicles that require more time to complete.

You can safely drive away after one hour after installation. Your Active Glass representative will explain drive away times for your particular vehicle at the time of installation.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask your technician or our customer service department. {top}

Q8. What types of adhesives do you use?
Active Auto Glass only uses one-hour cure urethanes manufactured by Dow Industries. Dow Industries is known world wide and used by most  Automobile manufactures.

Active Auto Glass customers can usually get safely back on the road about an hour after installation. {top}

Q9.What kind of glass does Active Auto Glass use?
Active Auto Glass is proud to have Pilkington NSG Group and PGW (formally PPG) two of the largest OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies in the industry, as our primary auto glass suppliers. They are recognized leaders in the global auto glass manufacturing and distribution; Pilkington and PGW are the OE auto glass supplier’s chosen by many auto manufacturers with proven product quality and consumer brand recognition.

Active Auto Glass’s purchasing agreement with Pilkington and PGW allows Active Glass to provide the highest quality OE or OEE to its customers. It's certainly possible to choose cheaper non-OE or non-OEE quality after market glass, but when the best is available, at no extra cost to you, why sacrifice your safety and peace of mind? {top}

Q10. Can you replace my auto glass if it is raining, cold or to hot?
No, No and NO, Active Auto Glass always has you and your family’s safety in mind. Rain, Cold and Heat can lead to poor bonding issues. Active Auto Glass will work around these bad conditions and will provide you with a safe Windshield Installation. We follow AGRSS guidelines and Dow Industries urethanes recommendations.

Q11. Does Active Auto Glass strictly replace windshields?
Active Auto Glass is a full service glass replacement company. We handle Residential and commercial glass. Broken picture frames, Storefront windows, Thermo panes and Screens. No job is too small or big. We are well-trained experts and we do it all.


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